Our Instructors

Chris Kovach - Owner/Instructor
Since 1996 Chris has been a full time Police Officer and became a Sergeant in 2001. In 2005 Chris began serving on the SWAT team. He is an O.P.O.T.A. certified firearms instructor for semi-automatic pistol, shotgun, patrol carbine, and also holds the N.R.A. Basic Pistol Instructor certification. Some of the other certifications held are TASER Instructor, ASP Instructor, O.C. (pepper spray) Instructor and Subject Matter Expert, RADAR/LIDAR Instructor, Glock Armorer, AR-15/M-16 Armorer, Field Training Officer, Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings Instructor, Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents Instructor, and Defensive Tactics Instructor. Chris also has the distinction of being sworn as a Deputy U.S. Marshal serving with the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force. Chris is a Graduate of the University of Akron where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree as well as two Associate Degrees. Chris is a NTOA,OTOA, and an NRA Lifetime member.

John R. Kipp - Instructor


 John's firearm training credentials include the N.R.A Certified Basic Pistol Instructor, N.R.A. Basic Rifle Instructor, N.R.A. Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor, and N.R.A. Range Safety Officer. He is an N.R.A. Benefactor and fully supports 2nd Amendment organizations here in Ohio. He is a BATFE approved Federal Firearms License Class One Dealer. John is a very active N.R.A. Instructor in firearms use,  safety, and Ohio CCW disciplines and has attended many additional training opportunities for advanced handgun, shotgun, and rifle. As an Ohio Concealed Carry Licensee and insurance agent for 44 years, he brings additional perspectives to our civilian firearms training environment. John is also certified by OPOTA as a Security Enforcement Officer and a Range Safety Officer.

Jeff Kodysz - Instructor




Jeff has been a civilian firearms collector, enthusiast and shooter for

over 15 years. He is an N.R.A. Certified Basic Pistol instructor and is

also an N.R.A Certified Range Safety Officer. An avid rifle and handgun

shooter, he has held an Ohio Concealed Handgun License since 2004,

is a Life Member of the N.R.A. and is a member the Association Of

Defensive Shooting Instructors, as well as the Glock Sport Shooting

Foundation (GSSF). Jeff holds a FederalFirearms License For Collection

Of Curio And Relic Firearms (FFL03), is a Certified AR-15 Armorer, and

a Certified Glock Armorer. A strong supporter of the Second Amendment

Jeff is driven by the desire to help others safely and effectively use

firearms for both sport and self defense.



Bill Wedeking - Guest Instructor
Since 2000 Bill has been a full time Police Officer and Agent. Bill has spent over seven years exclusively in plain clothes and undercover assignments. He is currently assigned to a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team. He is an O.P.O.T.A. certified firearms instructor for revolver, semi-automatic pistol, shotgun, and also holds the N.R.A. Basic Pistol Instructor certification. He is a Glock Armorer and Field Training Officer. Bill is also assigned as a Departmental Training officer to develop dynamic training scenarios involving multiple levels of use of force and timely critical decision making. Bill is a graduate of Xavier University where he obtained a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Criminal Justice. He is also a member of several international law enforcement training associations including ILEETA and IALEFI.